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Nature Nests is a travel solutions company that provides consistent experiences in the leisure travel market.

Nature Nests

Property Sales & Marketing Services

Nature Nests is a travel solutions company that provides consistent experiences in the leisure travel market. Providing customers a range of offbeat accommodation options and unique travel packages sums up as an experience of their life. Our accommodation options include hotels, resorts, cottages, vacation homes and unique properties. Mainly built on the idea of introducing Indian and Global travelers the new and unexplored places and experiences in the country, Nature Nests is developing fresh destinations and wide range of exclusive packages.

Jagjot Singh Dhillon

Property Sales & Marketing Services

Market Research

Nature Nests Hospitality Consulting will research your target market to determine the best Property marketing strategies to reach new clients and boost sales, both through traditional marketing and e-commerce strategies.

Property Marketing Plan

Nature Nests will create a Property marketing plan that will express all of your Property advertising and outreach efforts. The marketing plan will take into account all relevant factors such as finances, pricing, competition and your Property's target audience and location.

Property Sales Promotion

Based on our practices in Property sales and marketing, we will be creating promotions personalized to your needs across various platforms - from Web and social media marketing to traditional property advertising channels. Nature Nests will even assist you to generate specials and promotions and that will be aiming your destination and audience.

Competitive Analysis

Nature Nests perform thorough analysis of your property and its local market, target audience and perform sales contest. Determining the opportunities exist in your market that should be attained, which properties are taking your business and what can you do to beat the competition.

Property Revenue Management

Property revenue management is a key part for unlocking your profit potential. Nature Nests will examine property rates crossways to competing Property brands and standalones, taking into account all appropriate factors that may influence results like peak season and busy and shoulder days. Our Property revenue management solution includes reviewing current property level rates and Property demanding systems to make sure your rates are exactly where they need to be to bring in more guests and achieve budgets.

Nature Nests will also review every appearance of your property information across all channels, from Global Distribution Systems to online directories and third-party travel sites. Nature Nests ensures that brief and accurate information about the Property displays online and to travel agents via different channels. Nature Nests will highlight your unique selling points and highlights so you stand out from your competitors in the market. Making sure the Property amenities and features you've worked on so hard are getting you a maximum ROI or return on investment.

How we do it: We develop pricing strategies, including building rates for rooms and packages and determining discounts and special rates, Forecasting pricing which is revenue based on demand and market trends

Creating promotional plans to increase revenue and understanding inventory management processes and generating revenue reports.

Reputation Management

Review and reply traveler Comments, if you don't know what your guests are saying about you online, then you should. Nature Nests will check online travel review sites and work with them to increase reputation among travelers by using review collecting tools.

Visual Content

In our illustration world, enhancing your sites with the right pictures and digital assets is a key. Nature Nests will consult with you on the quality and relevancy of your Property's online presentation and add new pictures to your site and third party sites to enhance the look and visual to clients use to make their buying decisions.

Search Engine Positioning

Make sure your business takes first place in the search engines. Nature Nests utilize the best practices in search marketing and optimization to ensure that your property sites attain apex rankings in Internet search engine positioning to maximize presence and sales.

Manage Listings on OTA’s

It's not enough to just look after your own website; you have to manage how your Property appears on third-party sites like Booking.com, Go-MMT, Agoda, Travelguru/Yatra, Trip, Paytm, Easemytrip and many more. Nature Nests Hospitality Consulting will monitor brand listings on e-commerce sites and your Property site to create brand value and enhance your existence.

    Digital Marketing Strategy & Support

  • Property website Development
  • Property Management Software (PMS, Booking Engine, Payment Gateway, Channel Manager)
  • Digital Marketing (Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing
  • Offline Digital Marketing (Radio, Television and Phone)
  • Branding
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